E-shops in four countries in a single database

Comprehensive B2B and B2C solutions built on the K2 Information System


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from 2019 with K2 ERP
21 users work daily in K2
€ 8,8 million annual turnover
1000 m2 of warehouse space


The scope of K2 implementation in the company Dermoesthetic

The K2 information system ensures the day-to-day running of the entire company – from purchase and sales processes through managed warehouse to B2C e-shops, which are a direct part of the information system. Payroll and accounting or mobile terminals are also a matter of course. Thanks to a solution built on the K2 Information System, the company has all data stored in a single database that also serves all e-shops operating in various European countries. The company uses a complete cloud system offered to companies.

Interesting facts from the implementation of K2 ERP

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  • E-shops for the Czech Republic and other European Union countries are operated in a single K2 installation.
  • K2 operates two own companies that are connected by means of automated functions – both companies share code books, automatic re-invoicing and issuance of shipping orders takes place.
  • The warehouse is managed using online terminals, with the help of which a specialized solution was implemented to speed up packing and handing over articles to carriers.
  • The K2 information system provides information to wholesale partners using automated feeds available through web services and also thanks to the connection to the EDI system.

“The customer of Dermoesthetic can now send an order via K2 e-shop, when articles are automatically blocked, the necessary documents are issued, and payment is received without user intervention. In the warehouse, the request is automatically assigned to the shipment in the work queue that the warehouse staff can see on mobile terminals and are directly guided to the location from which they are to ship article. Carrier tags are earned for minimizing time spent at the terminal with IS K2. Thanks to this, the sales process has been accelerated.”

Martin Hejl, Business Development Manager K2

“One of the biggest advantages that the K2 system has over other ERP systems for us is that K2 allows us to manage all the activities of our two companies within one system. At K2, we keep accounts, process orders for our wholesale clients from the Czech Republic and across Europe, order from suppliers, manage our e-shops and online sales channels, are connected to various carriers, have an automated warehouse and much more. The K2 system has enabled our company to streamline processes, enabling us to improve our services in the ever-changing market for professional hair care products. We are also very positive about the possibilities of adjusting the system to suit our needs and new activities.”

Jitka Holoubek Rošová, General Manager of Dermoesthetic s.r.o.

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