The K2 Information System is playing in the First League for the Bohemians

Customer story about how K2 helps with the management of a football club.

Standard business company

The Bohemians boast a tradition of more than 110 years and is one of the oldest sports organizations operating in the Czech Republic. „We are mainly a standard business like any other. With all the responsibilities and needs that all businesses have,“ explains the director and member of the board of the club Darek Jakubowicz.

Bohemians Praha 1905, a.s.

Where does the K2 system help?

The K2 Information System is primarily used by the club in the sales department, from stocking goods, inventory and general warehouse management to orders and actual sales at the store or in the e-shop. Today the system records all business activities, such as procurement and contracts, and it also handles personnel and the payroll.

The system is also used for standard accounting transactions, such as issuing and receiving invoices, pairing cash on hand and in the bank or for producing annual accounts. „The K2 Information System has greatly helped us especially during the transition from accounting according to calendar year to accounting according to fiscal year. But the overall work in accounts is much easier today“ says the club accountant.

And last but not least the club e-shop is operated in the K2 Information System. „The shop has K2 built on its own platform, so we don’t need another provider and we can add all content to the pages from one system, directly from Kádvojka,“ says fanshop manager Petr Koukal.

Bohemians Praha 1905, a.s.

Reports for management

The information stored in the K2 Information System allows the club to better analyze individual activities and evaluate its business results. The system creates aggregate reports that make working with information much easier and clearer for the club.

A number of business partners of the club, such as the main sponsor Barvy a laky Hostivař, also use the K2 Information System. Mutual communication and reporting or analyzing results is therefore far more compatible.

Bohemians Praha 1905, a.s.

An on-line system for everything

„The biggest benefit of the K2 system is that it works online. We can see the real status of the warehouses anytime and find out when we have to replenish our stock. And communication with the e-shop is also done online, enabling us to offer customers in the e-shop the exact status of our warehouses,“ says Petr Koukal.

Another great benefit is the direct printing of transport labels. In Bohemka they can be sent from the K2 Information System directly to the software of transport companies. „The system makes our work easier and eliminates paperwork,“ explains Koukal.

And he adds: „Finally, there’s EET and the printing of receipts and communication with the servers of state authorities. K2 is simply one system for everything.“

Bohemians Praha 1905, a.s.
„We have been using the K2 Information System for several years and can’t imagine not working with it today. We have all our business activities under control, it helps with our daily work and saves us a lot of time. For me personally, it’s Kádvojka that primarily controls what’s happening in the company.

The business and accounting departments work with the K2 system, it manages our inventory and complete sales agenda or standard relations with business partners in the area of ​​advertising cooperation. We also use it in human resources and for the payroll, in the fanshop, and last but not least we run our e-shop in it.

The biggest advantage of the K2 Information System is the total time savings that the software provides. Flexibility, formability of the entire program. And general clarity and the speed of all operations.“

Darek Jakubowicz, director of the company Bohemians Praha 1905, a.s.

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