All information about orders in a single pane of glass

A manufacturing cooperative with a history going back almost a century relies on the K2 information system



52 users work in K2 every day
165 employees in firm
CZK 240 million annual turnover
5,400 orders dealt with every year
30 types of machines in production range


Scope of implementation of K2 in the manufacturing cooperative Cyklos Choltice

tiskThe K2 information system has been implemented in all corporate activities, including use of barcodes in production and stores. For each order the system offers complete information, from receipt of order to the approval process and dispatch deadlines. Thanks to IS K2 the warehouse processes have been optimised.

Points of interest about implementation of the information system K2


  • Monitoring of long-term contracts for deliveries of machines.
  • Import of customer order in CSV file, return of documents in isDoc.
  • Linkage of sales and production with material coverage and automatic proposal for orders of raw materials.
  • Configured workflow for the passage of an order through the firm from receipt of order, to approval process and acceptance of production and dispatch deadline.
  • Use of barcodes in production and warehouses.

Before the deployment of IS K2 the cooperative Cyklos had a high standard in the business processing of the incoming orders. Most of all I appreciate the fact that we have managed to maintain this standard to this day and even expand it to include other information thanks to the comprehensive K2 solution, and it was integrally linked into a single whole with the associated production. So within three days a confirmation is sent to the customer about approval of technology, material cover of order and deadline for dispatch of the finished product.

Pavel Motan, executive officer K2

Thanks to IS K2 we have made improvements in the area of planning and managing production and logistics. We now have better traceability of orders as they pass through the firm and improved user friendliness for our employees. We need fewer people today for the same work in accounting or logistics.

Karel Komárek, chairman of cooperative Cyklos Choltice, v. d.

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