Automatic calculation of the product price according to the input raw materials

The K2 information system helps with the supply of concrete to Prague buildings.

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14 years with the K2 IS
38 employees using K2 on a daily basis
Processing 500 thousand tons of aggregate every year
Over 30 billion in annual turnover

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Scope of implementing K2 at TBG Metrostav

TBG pri praci At TBG Metrostav, the entire operation of warehouses, production and the economic department have been entrusted to the K2 information system. The production technology in K2 is connected to specialized Martek mixing software via web services. TBG Metrostav documents all its contracts in K2. The system helps them calculate the costs of orders. TBG Metrostav is currently managing 3 companies within one K2 installation. 

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System

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  • The production technology in K2 is connected online to Martek mixing software.
  • Contracts registered according to individual constructions.
  • Individual price lists.
  • Calculation of prices based on the structure of the product (according to individual segments of the product code). Simple revaluation of products.
  • Tender procedure, system of surcharges, generating contracts from bids.
  • Plachta dispatching workplace also available on mobile devices (HTML 5), registering requests on the basis of contracts, transfers between concrete plants, etc.
  • Control mechanisms for individual recipes, granularity curve.
  • Common technologies for multiple recipes.
  • Module for monitoring and evaluating samples.
  • Year-round orders, receipt using a barcode reader based on DL supplier.

In 2018, the system was re-implemented to take greater advantage of the current possibilities of K2. TBG now uses simpler evaluations, including consolidated outputs and the transfer of documents between companies. We gradually replaced several different specialized software with a single one – K2. We make extensive use of the ability to automatically process everything that can be automatically processed (billing, production, invoicing, recalculations, margin monitoring, technology monitoring, etc.).

Tomáš Solár, K2 project manager

We are constantly working to innovate and streamline our corporate processes. We have been using the K2 system for many years to control our financial flow. Years ago we started looking for an all-in-one system to manage production, logistics, to have all data and control in one place, and the developers from K2 were able to quickly prepare a platform for us that meets all our strenuous requirements.

Jakub Šimáček, CEO of TBG Metrostav

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