Easy management of foreign branches in the K2 Information System

ERP system K2 automatically creates all internal documents that are needed.

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6 years with K2 IS
33 users working in K2 every day
6 foreign branches
120 employees
25,000 orders per year


Scope of the K2 implementation in Cymedica

Cymedica pillsThe K2 Information System is used by Cymedica to do everything dealing with its stock, purchases, sales and production. They also manage their assets, accounting and finance with K2. The information system also allows Cymedica managers to prepare economic analyses and managerial reports.

Interesting features about implementing the K2 Information System

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  • Automatic creation of documents and their flow between collaborating companies.
  • Electronic distribution of data records for WinVet (software for veterinary practice management).
  • Czech and Slovak branch in a single K2 installation.
  • Connecting the K2 Information System to an external e-shop.
  • Distribution of lists of goods from the central register of products.
  • Automatic electronic dispatch of documents to the customer.

“The biggest added value of K2’s features is the automatic creation of documents between several companies that are managed in K2. The creation of one issuance document creates an income document on the other side of the other company, and invoicing then takes place monthly. An integral part is also ensuring consignment between these companies. Users do not have to create documents twice and the warehouse is updated automatically. Another requirement of the customer was to maintain the existing e-shop so that customers were not aware of any changes, which was successful in terms of environment and functionality.”

Jan Kurfürst, K2 Business Development Manager

“K2 has greatly helped us move the entire company from proprietary accounting and invoicing systems to a standardized processing solution. This has allowed us to start a discussion about internal processes, their importance and need, and implement them at the same time.”

Ing. Petr Cimbulka, Group Operational Director

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