Effective use of the standard solution of the K2 Information System

Hašpl company has all information in a single pane of glass with Information system K2.


20 years with K2 IS
14,000 items in stock
230 employees
32 million $ in annual turnover
9 million nails produced daily

Scope of implementing K2 in Hašpl

SroubyThe standard K2 Information System was deployed at Hašpl to the greatest degree possible. Their IT Department uses K2 as a platform for deploying their own solutions. The company often makes adjustments without the intervention of the software producer. The cooperation between K2 and Hašpl works mainly at the level of consultations.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System


  • Customized product-picking solution based on K2.
  • K2 completely manages the warehouses, but with the help of a custom solution written into the information system environment.
  • The e-shop is connected to the K2 Information System through the company’s own scripts.

"Hašpl company is one of our customers, who are creating their own customization of IS K2. Everyone can make it and this company is really good example of how it works. Thanks to knowledge and their ideas, they are mostly independent company in terms of IT support. Because of a specific production speed, volume and processes they created their own modules for barcode readers in warehouse and production management for instance."

Jan Kurfürst, K2 Business Development Manager

“The K2 ERP system is an open information system that provides us with immediate information on all processes throughout the company. A huge advantage are the customized adjustments and reports that we need. We can always rely on the support given to us by the system and team of experts from K2.”

Karel Langr, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hašpl a.s.

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