Information system K2 helps to define and secure all production processes

ERP system shows complex and trustworthy information about every order.

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7 years with K2 IS
31 users working daily in K2
9,562 tons of paint used annually
Over 100 million crowns in annual turnover


Scope of K2 implementation in MiF

MiF2K2 fulfilled the customer’s basic request to combine all of its corporate paperwork into a single information system and to manage and evaluate its production process. The K2 Information System thus helps the company enter orders and dispatch them. Thanks to K2, their production is controlled, checked and objectively evaluated. The accounting department uses K2 for invoicing and financial operations. The introduction of the K2 Information System has made the warehouse better organized. It keeps stock at a minimum and makes the process of ordering material for production more efficient.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System


  • The company uses barcodes and online readers.
  • It makes use of the option to adapt the system to the needs of users (the K2 IS environment looks different for everyone).
  • With the help of the K2 Information System, the company has implemented clearly defined processes.
  • Documents are automatically sent.
  • Readers speed up and simplify inventories.

Prior to deploying the K2 IS, the company had used multiple information systems. What I value the most is the approach and responsibility of the company during implementation and the consistent description of individual processes. Thanks to this, we have managed to merge all these systems into one, namely into K2. In addition, we have expanded the functionality of K2 to provide informative value about the system, such as the overall monitoring of a contract from the customer’s order to a possible complaint and subsequently tracing it back to the essentials: who completed the order, when, on what machine and using what material. The result is a notification to the supplier of the incorrect delivery of the material.

Miroslav Tatranský, K2 atmitec Slovensko Project Manager

Our search for a new ERP system was motivated by our need to collect all information in one place, into one information system. Today, K2 is basically bread and butter for us. Without it, we would all be lost today. I would recommend the K2 system to every company. It has added value to our company by giving us clearly defined processes and allowing us to find out what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, whether right or wrong. It’s important to all of us here to have true and accurate information and not just have something tell us what we want to hear.

Michal Filípek, Company owner, MiF, s. r. o.

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