K2 ERP: Everything in one place - data and evaluation

K2 software helps develop production with packaging materials.

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Since 2001 with K2 ERP
47 employees handle over 17,500 orders per year
1,600 release notes are issued per month
Sells around 7.8 million pieces of articles annually

The extent of K2 implementation at Paketo group

The initial implementation included complete accounting, purchasing, sales, payroll, warehouse and accompanying functions such as economic analysis, evaluation, etc. K2 was deployed almost as standard, when most of the modifications were on the content and graphics of print reports and special pricing. Over time, K2's scope expanded to include connections to e-shops, production management and forward-looking warehouse management using barcodes.

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Interesting facts from the implementation of K2 ERP

  • Integration of K2 ERP with own e-shop Paketo.cz and Paketo.sk.
  • Capturing complex e-shop pricing.
  • Production planning and execution for the production and printing of cardboard.
  • K2 ERP operation in the K2 data center.
  • Use of modules across the system.

„In 2001, the company started with 9 users in K2 and gradually using the range of K2 reached the limit of 20 users. Along with the development of the company, K2 ERP also develops, and with expanding warehouses and production, there is no need to purchase other software for managing these areas. Everything is realized in K2, so the company can concentrate on its business activities, development or building its own Paketo brand.“

Jan Kurfűrst, Bussines Development Manager K2

„We have been working with K2 for more than 20 years. When choosing, we emphasized the complexity of the system and continuous development. Our company gradually developed and expanded, and each of their established divisions had different requirements and requirements for the system's functionality. Thanks to the excellent support, the individual approach and the constantly evolving system, we have everything in one place - not only in terms of data, but also in terms of evaluation.“

Petr Dobeš, CEO of Paketo group, s. r. o.

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