The K2 information system gives you precise control over each order

Complete information from making the offer to the customer to evaluating the deal financially.


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13 years with K2 IS
44 users working daily with K2
€ 8.5 million turnover yearly

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Scope of implementing K2 in FLSmidth

FLSmidth2FLSmidth uses the K2 Information System for practically all areas of its business, from production, warehouse management, purchasing and sales to accounting and monitoring individual projects. Important features of the information system include reporting and controlling, and especially working with data in OLAP. The company also uses advanced notification settings to alert specific people about important changes in the information system.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System

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  • Detailed monitoring of stock dispositions for individual orders by using order codes.
  • Evaluating costs and revenues with breakdown into individual centers at the level of individual orders.
  • Automatic import of BOMs and drawings from the system to Autodesk Vault.
  • Complicated production trees, consisting of dozens, sometimes hundreds of semi-finished products.
  • System of cooperation, where some parts of the production trees are produced in cooperation, and some parts of the production tree are produced locally.

“The most essential part of the implementation was to have a detailed evaluation of costs and revenues at the level of orders or sub-orders, i.e. individual equipment. Another very important thing was to have a simple overview of the state of production and the availability of materials for specific production, consisting of hundreds of semi-finished products and materials. With such a large number of semi-finished products, it is important for everything to be on time and connected to each other.”

Juraj Hruda, K2 consultant

“We use the K2 system to manage and control all processes related to processed orders, from the offer made to the customer to the dispatch of finished products and subsequent financial evaluation. The complexity of our equipment and prevailing customized production make it necessary for our information system to give us accurate and simple control over material coverage and the state of production at the level of individual orders, which the K2 system provides. In cooperation with K2 consultants, we continue to work on streamlining and automating individual processes, depending on the changing needs of the company, and not only on our growth.”

Ing. Renata Sadílková, FLSmidth executive

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