The K2 information system reserves the necessary material when receiving the order

B2C e-shop is an integral part of Information system.

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17 years with K2 IS
52 users working daily in K2
450 million CZK in annual turnover
5000 m2 of storage space


Scope of implementing K2 in Pramos

OknaPRAMOS uses the K2 Information System today to run practically its entire company. The information system is also connected online to specialized construction software for making windows. In addition, the company runs several of its own companies within a single database and one installation of the K2 Information System. This way managers can make reports with consolidated data.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System


  • Online connection between the K2 Information System and construction software controlling the actual production of windows.
  • Automatic creation of production documents and reservation of necessary material.
  • Managing several companies within one K2 installation, specifically PRAMOS, TSH Plast and Zemědělské družstvo Šitbořice.
  • In-house B2C e-shop for selling windows from stock running directly on the K2 Information System.


“Key to the implementation was connecting the window design construction software to the production module in the K2 Information System. The K2 open application interface makes it possible to send windows from the design software to the production line, everything done online and automatically, without the need for manual rewriting.”

Petr Figura, K2 Project Manager

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“K2 has the best people. I won’t allow any criticism of Petr Figura and his team. Whenever we came up with ideas, they helped us organize them and then proposed a solution, which we have been using virtually unchanged for several years. We handle everything in K2. I think it’s really good software. At first glance, it may seem way too complicated, but once you get into it, it makes sense.”

Vlastimil Viktorin, member of the Board of Directors, PRAMOS, a.s.

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