K2 takes care of the complete management of the company’s IT solution

While the K2 IS manages production and warehouses, our technicians take care of the IT infrastructure of the entire company.



17 years with K2 IS
6 million items per year go through stock
11 storekeepers in 2 warehouses
1238 medium voltage distribution fields under administration

Q-elektrik hala

Scope of implementing K2 in Q - ELEKTRIK

Q-elektrik měďToday, the K2 information system manages practically all areas of the company’s activities, from accounting and payroll to warehouse management and production. Q - ELEKTRIK also uses the K2 e-shop, the option of managing several companies in one database, as well as outsourcing the management of the company’s IT structure. K2 technicians take care of all the company’s hardware.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System

q-elektrik prace

  • Warehouse controlled by barcodes.
  • Significantly fewer people are needed to operate the warehouses thanks to K2 IS management.
  • Use of the K2 e-shop for the sale of air conditioners and electrical materials.
  • Company server room managed by K2 means high availability.
  • Slovak branch operated in the same database as the Czech headquarters.
  • Automated circulation of internal documents between individual sections and branches.

“Thanks to the company’s wide range of activities in 4 divisions, the K2 Information System at Q - ELEKTRIK must not only manage the circulation of documents and logistics between divisions, but also between branches in Brno, Prague and their Slovak subsidiary, as well as a number of people in external workplaces. Thanks to having the technology of their companies in one database, the communication between them is much easier for creating documents, as well as in sharing the necessary data about customers, availability of goods and planning purchases.”

Jan Kurfürst, Business Development Manager K2

“The main advantage of our cooperation with K2 is that we have everything, i.e. the information system and IT infrastructure, from one vendor. I don’t have to decide who to contact when I need something – I have one contact who takes care of everything. An invaluable benefit for us is that all our companies use the unified environment of the K2 Information System.”

Mgr. Petr Ježek, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Q - ELEKTRIK a.s.

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