K2 Warehouse management system eliminated all errors caused by substitution of goods

Warehouse clerks can pick up to 8 orders at once thanks to having mobile readers in the warehouse. Without errors.


over 10 years with K2 IS
29 users working daily in K2
150,000 orders per year
1,600,000 parts available

PEMA sklad

Scope of implementing K2 

PEMA sklad 2PEMA Car Parts currently uses the K2 Information System primarily for warehouse management, for all logistics, bookkeeping and communication with carriers. The company strives to use the standard K2 solution as much as possible. At the time of implementing the K2 Information System, the company had 2 employees processing approximately 20 orders per day. Today, 25 employees process approximately 1,000 orders per day.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System

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  • The K2 Information System is used as a platform for creating their own IT solutions.
  • The IT Department of PEMA Car Parts can manage modifications in the system without the intervention of the manufacturer.
  • Mobile barcode readers use the standard interface and functionality of K2.
  • The K2 Information System completely manages the operation of the store.
  • They use their own script for the initial receipt of goods.
  • The introduction of mobile readers has eliminated erroneous orders caused by a mix-up of goods.
  • The work efficiency of the warehouse has increased by up to 40% with K2 management.

Since it started using the K2 Information System, the company has striven as much as possible to operate it on a standard K2 solution, especially the managed warehouse solution. It currently manage four e-shops, a store and all their logistics. K2 allows them to create work queues for warehouse workers or to calculate the number of processed orders completely online.

Jan Kurfürst, Business Development Manager K2

The K2 IS takes care of the overall cycle of documents and operation of our company. From accepting an offer from one of our e-shops to picking, packing, shipping, invoicing, or pick-ups in our store. Everything is done by K2. Thanks to K2, our employees know what to do during each phase of the sale. Having a single database allows us to have fewer goods in stock, because K2 ensures that the supplier delivers the goods to us for shipment to the customer.

Martin Frič, CEO

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