Management evaluation

  • Unique tools that give managers the material they need to run their company.
  • They can click through a report up to the initial documents and determine what is behind the figures.
  • Different tools for different situations - automatic reporting, OLAP viewer, BI and analytical services.
  • Reports can also be run on mobile devices or sent as email.

Charts, figures and statistics

Define the surveys and reports that interest you and the K2 information system will be in the online mode on a regular basis to evaluate and render them into the form of well-arranged graphs, tables or trends. You will see all reports in summary form in the main dashboard, and from there you can easily get to the details of each one.

Maximum flexibility

Choose whether you want to keep track of the balance, turnover, inventory levels, purchase prices or sales and quality statistics. The K2 information system is also prepared for the consolidation of data between subsidiaries and affiliates, whether on the technical or financial side. The advantage is the coherence of individual items, which enables you to quickly obtain more detailed information for strategic decision-making, controlling and reporting.

The evaluation of data from other sources

You can evaluate information not found directly in the K2 information system. Analyze data from Web services, the outputs of machines or third-party files, such as csv or xls files. Thanks to the combination of such multiple sources, you can, for example, instantly and automatically track a delay in various parts of production in the event of a machine failure.

Data hierarchy

It is possible to interconnect all outputs and so create self-reacting clusters of data. For example, the summary of results of affiliates will progressively bring you to the detailed figures of each of them. Choosing to continue will bring you to the results of the traders of a specific affiliate and finally to the data for a specific trader. Several different filtering options, moreover, provide instant help in arranging the display of the searched data in the most convenient form possible.

Business Intelligence

Using the tools of business intelligence, the key indicators for running the company can be tracked, both in the short and long-term horizon. Users themselves choose their points of view, criteria or axes, and this creates so-called cubes, which are illustrated using graphs, dashboards, tables and colored indicators. Together with trends in the market and the overall strategy of the company, these outputs are the cornerstone of all key decisions.

OLAP viewer

To get started with the tools of business intelligence, their easier version has been prepared in K2 – the OLAP viewer, which allows you to not only create reports, but it also contains ready-made preset views of data from given areas. This facilitates any first use of BI and shortens the time required to get familiar with its features and functions. The views can therefore be used, even after the transition to a more sophisticated solution, as the basis for more complex reports.

K2 analytics

Monitoring the activities of your company has never been easier. With K2 analytics, you get a tool in your hand which allows you to clearly track all sorts of results for your business and employees in real time. Thanks to mobile applications, these reports are available to you anytime and anywhere.

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