Production material automatically ordered by K2 IS

The K2 ERP system orders and reserves material in the warehouse immediately upon receipt of a production order.

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7 years with K2 IS
101 million connectors produced annually
11,000 guides issued each month
60 companies served in the logistics area

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Scope of implementing K2 in the KAMPOS group

Kampos výrobekThe most important task of the K2 Information System in the KAMPOS Group is production management. The system can automatically create a material order based on tables shared with the general supplier of production material. In addition, the K2 ERP system has helped streamline the work of payroll accounting and it takes care of logistics, warehousing and business. KAMPOS also uses K2 workflow and reporting options.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System

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  • Use of barcode readers in the warehouse and in production management.
  • The reminder module has significantly reduced the amount of funds tied up in received invoices. During the 3 years of using this module, the company has practically had no invoices with a maturity of more than 30 days.
  • Approval of selected processes through workflow.
  • Connecting the K2 IS with the attendance system allows accounting to obtain pre-filled time data and the category needed to determine the payroll.
  • Warehouse clerks can pick up to 8 orders at once thanks to having mobile readers in the warehouse.

“The company has been working with K2 for a relatively short time and so K2 is still being developed in it. The main driver of innovation in K2 is the company itself. It progressively offers its customers new services, so their controlling, processes, settings and actual evaluation of benefits must also be resolved. It is also interesting that the company has several industry specializations, which it manages with the help of K2.”

Jan Kurfürst, Business Development Manager K2

“Thanks to the K2 system, we are able to manage the internal processes of the company (planning, warehousing, production, logistics, business, economics and human resources) clearly and efficiently. Over time, we will use other K2 system features that we can see offer added value for the growth of our company.”

Ing. Stanislav Sehnal, MBA, CEO of KAMPOS, s.r.o.

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