AVEFLOR: We have a system that adapts to our company changes

K2 Software helps with the management of the entire company. The company manufactures and sells medical devices and cosmetics.


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Since 2017 with K2 ERP
Over 6 million pieces of products produced annually
33 users work daily in K2
207.5 million crowns turnover for 2022

Scope of K2 implementation at AVEFLOR

K2 ERP manages most important processes in AVEFLOR using the workflow tool. It thus obtains a detailed overview of the status of the processes and the persons currently solving them. The introduction of workflow made company processes clearer and helps to manage and run the company more efficiently. Thanks to accurate warehouse records down to the individual handling units, they always have an overview of the location and consumption of each individual package, not just batches. This is very important for traceability. K2 also secures each batch produced and gives a precise overview of the consumption of raw materials and packaging identifiable down to the level of individual packaging.

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Interesting facts from the K2 ERP implementation

  • Marking of materials, semi-finished products and products with 2D barcodes, according to which it is possible to find out the entire history from receipt to consumption and production.

  • Quality control due to batch properties – the measured values must correspond to the required values within their defined range. If the lot does not meet the defined values, it is not possible to release it into circulation.

  • An evaluation of the delivery in terms of marking, quality and packaging method is recorded for each receipt document. This provides suppliers with quick feedback as part of their evaluation.

  • The use of mobile graphic barcode scanners allows you to load raw materials for consumption, or to carry out finished production directly at the production site online. Once a batch is complete, a record of the material consumed for that batch can easily be printed.

„K2 ERP is used in the AVEFLOR company in a wide range of its functionality, including the process management of the company. A number of partial records, previously implemented in various applications, were transferred to ERP K2. A key part of the implementation of the information system was mastering the issue of 2D barcodes for the area of warehouse logistics, quality control and production.“

Tomáš Koreček, K2 project manager

"We switched to the K2 system in 2017, and what I value most about it is that it can adapt to the changes that occur in the company. An individualized approach to solving the specifics of our company is also an advantage. They also appreciate the constant improvement of existing functions and the introduction of new functionalities of the system."

Jan Zubatý, director of company

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