Comprehensive production management using data in a single database

K2 Information system works as an integrator of specialized software solutions.


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19 years with K2 IS
28 users working daily in K2
€ 6 million annual turnover
70 employees
3,000 m2 production hall

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Scope of implementing K2 in Mias OC

Mias fotoThe K2 Information System manages virtually all business activities in Mias OC – from tenders and connecting machines that create cutting plans to the financial evaluation of orders. A separate chapter is the solution for delivering orders, proposed back in 2001 but which Mias OC is so satisfied with that it is still in use today in virtually unchanged form.

Highlights from implementing the K2 Information System

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  • Connecting machines for creating cutting plans directly in their integrated systems.
  • Connecting to the Jungheinrich loader system.
  • Monitoring contracts and orders – both in terms of finance and record-keeping.
  • Mobile barcode readers in the warehouse.
  • Multilingual design of menus for print templates.
  • Managing business activities and evaluating campaigns directly in the K2 IS.
  • The Intrastat data collection and processing system is a direct part of the K2 IS.
  • Generating data for the edge bander and large-format saw in the production line.
  • Link to the Top Solid 3D design program to retrieve data when creating atypical BOMs.

“Dependable furniture, and not just for foreign markets, required the standardization of marking and variant technological procedures based on parameterization. The stability of the solution will soon celebrate 20 years of K2 in MIAS. At MIAS, they also make use of the openness of the K2 Information System and the fact that they can make even more advanced adjustments themselves without our direct intervention, with just the help of one internal IT specialist. Our K2 programmers act mainly as consultants and advisers.”

Pavel Motan, Managing Director of K2

“The K2 system has allowed us to fulfill our ideas about the production of both standard and atypical products in one production cycle and shipping the entire order with one delivery term. An ordering key, variant BOM and the openness of K2 has enabled us to connect and transfer data between SW for creating offers and the technical preparation of production with one database of items, orders and guides. By connecting K2 with all our machines, data on the progress of the order is collected from its entry into the system, the ordering of materials and components and production to the final shipment. This makes our work highly efficient and minimizes errors.”

Martin Pavliš, Managing Director of Mias OC, spol. s r. o.

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