Easier management of the entire company

Information system K2 supports the operation od the company as well as sales portals.

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17 years with K2 IS
21 users working daily in K2
200 million CZK in annual turnover
10,000 listed products
1,500 types of turbochargers in stock

Scope of implementing K2 in Special Turbo

turboThe K2 Information System is used by Special Turbo to manage its purchases, sales, warehousing, complete accounting and marketing. In addition, it also uses the option to run its own B2C portal directly in the K2 Information System, thus enabling it to work with the same data as the rest of the system.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System

Special Turbo

  • Discount for a turbocharger trade-in – when returning an old turbocharger, the customer gets a discount on a new one in the shopping cart.
  • The e-shop supports multiple language versions, including prices and payments in euros.
  • The portal supports both B2C and B2B sales.
  • The implementation of the e-shop also included a partner program. Regular customers receive bonus points for the amount of their purchases.

“Special Turbo has been using K2 for a good many years. We have recently implemented a new, fully responsive B2C e-shop. The e-shop is focused not only on the typical end customer, but it also provides partner services for ordering turbochargers. Complete shopping history is a matter of course. The logged-in user sees an overview of their order history and issued invoices. Given the number of products the company offers, we implemented a detailed search function in the e-shop. The portal makes it easy to find the right turbo for more than 3,000 car models.”

Petr Figura, K2 Project Manager

“We have successfully worked with K2 for many years, and thanks to their IS, we can effectively manage all our data in one place, which greatly simplifies managing our entire company. Connecting to this system was the priority for creating the new e-shop, and the solution from K2 in the form of their B2C portal has ensured we have trouble-free operation and the maximum use of all available information. Our cooperation with K2 allows us to fully focus on growing our business without having to worry about our data.”

Marek Čupr, Executive Account Manager

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