EUFC CZ: More than 180 established projects in the first year of using K2

K2 helps with project management in the field of energy


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From 2022 with K2 ERP
Over 2 billion euros in subsidies
30 users work daily with K2
75 million crownsannual turnover

The scope of K2 implementation in EUFC CZ

K2 ERP covers the vast majority of areas of the company's business - from purchasing and sales to process management through workflow, project management, finance and economics, including payroll and asset management, to document management through the DMS module. There are also tools for analysis and management overviews in the BI module or records of business opportunities in CRM.

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Interesting facts from the K2 ERP implementation

  • Record of business opportunities and offers.
  • Monitoring the progress of projects, allocation and utilization of resources.
  • Economic evaluation of projects.
  • Automation of processes using workflow (e.g. approval of travel orders, absences, quotations including contract proposals for clients).
  • Common environment and BI reporting for multiple companies within the holding.

"The reasons for the change and introduction of the new ERP system included the coverage of processes related to the registration, management and reporting of resources on projects, BI solutions and automation of processes using a workflow tool. During the implementation, emphasis was placed on the interlinking of information between CRM, the project and the order, including an interesting function for calculating the forecast of invoicing dates and volumes. The implementation took place in two stages for the Czech and Slovak parts of the company, which made it possible to monitor and evaluate the data of both companies in one application."

Petr Záveský, K2 project manager

"By choosing a suitable information system, we linked key areas from CRM to project management and capacity resource planning to controlling, accounting and human resources. By implementing K2, project management was accelerated and we automated internal company processes. Thanks to the information system, we have an immediate overview of projects and business data from one place. Securing the necessary server infrastructure from one supplier was another plus for our company."

Ing. Dalibor Pituch, procurator of EUFC CZ s. r. o.

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