HELCEL nábytek: We optimized the processes of the complaints department

K2 software helps the company with its entire operation.


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From 2022 with K2 ERP
100 unloaded pallets per day
45 users work daily in K2
6700 pallet positions

Scope of implementation in HELCEL nábytek

The HELCEL company has successfully implemented K2 ERP, which now covers the entire operation of the company from warehouses to accounting and payroll to connection to one external and one K2 e- shop , price lists, WMS and complaints. Thanks to this step, HELCEL gained a new level of efficiency and management of its processes, which enabled a faster response to market and customer needs. The implementation of K2 ERP brought a number of benefits to the company, including cost reduction, streamlining of communication and an increase in the quality of provided services.

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Interesting facts from the implementation of K2 ERP

  • The implementation of K2 ERP took place during the company's move to a new distribution center.
  • Bar code readers have been introduced in the warehouse and dispatch.
  • An e- shop order can consist of several product cards. K2 ERP consistently monitors related batches (for example, fabric shade) and individual order components.
  • Orders are not only related to warehouses, but to complete sales logistics - both for internal and external transport.
  • The processes of the complaints department were optimized and streamlined.

"During picking, the goods are double or triple checked before they are actually shipped to the customer. It is possible to find and check the goods at each stage of the preparation of individual packages. We succeeded in reducing the number of complaints and speeding up their processing."

David Huser, K2 project manager

"Recently, we opened a new distribution center, and with that came the need to invest in new robust software - a solution that covers all of our company processes. K2 software is absolutely central to our warehouse. The breadth of the assortment does not allow the storekeeper to know about every item. Thanks to K2, we now have an overview of all the flows in the warehouse, and thanks to the readers, every warehouse worker knows where to find individual items and what exactly needs to be picked up. The work of the warehouse has thus become very efficient, and there is no need for so many warehouse workers."

Martin Helcel, owner of HELCEL nábytek s.r.o.

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