Human resources and payroll

  • Keeping personal records of employees, associates and job applicants.
  • Integrated and coherent payroll administration for any company.
  • Loading inputs from attendance systems for the monthly processing of the payroll.
  • Keeping track of personnel qualifications and automatic alerts about the need for renewals.

Employee database

The K2 information system contains detailed records of the personal data of employees, their family members, and other data within and above the scope of legal requirements. The work contracts, education and previous employment of employees can also be registered and these lists sorted according to the respective criteria.

Records on qualifications

In addition to classical personnel records, the K2 information system also includes records on qualifications that include, for example, training, retraining or medical examinations. You can therefore track various actions, participants, periodicity, location or current status. An integral part is a follow-up evaluation of the action (for example, based on the content, objectives and costs) or the establishment of corrective measures.

Payroll calculation

This module contains an elaborate system of record-keeping of working time, which starts with the automatic creation of planning calendars and individual calendars for every employee. It ends with the payroll calculation and the reconciliation of specified wage components. Expect the maximum automation of all activities, but with the option of manually intervening at all levels of the process.

Reducing the rate of error in calculations

The system is able to determine the obligation to fill out certain fields and their follow-up checks and so reduce the possibilities of errors in payroll processing. Specifically, the emphasis of payroll calculations is placed on the possibility of randomly repeating control calculations during the monthly processing of the payroll (one by one or more employees), followed by error messages and control reports. Other calculations include calculating salary advances, converting averages for salary compensations or annual processing.

Legislation and access rights

All the necessary payroll data, which always and fully complies with statutory requirements, form the primary record-keeping for wages. The parameterization of the calculation ensures updates in the event of legislative amendments and therefore minimum intervention in the system kernel. Viewings, entries, changes in and the evaluation of data, as well as access to the data, are subject to the allocation of appropriate access rights in the output files.

Communication with the authorities

The K2 information system communicates with the state administration within the framework of all prescribed forms. It especially supports electronic communication in the social security sector and for health insurers and the Czech tax administration. Any form can be saved as the prescribed file using the communication module PortLink (from NZ Servis spol. s r.o.), or a custom solution can be chosen.

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