Implementation of Specific Requirements of Pharmaceutical Legislation

The K2 information system helps with the distribution of medical material.


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4 years with IS K2
35 users work in K2 every day
498 million CZK turnover in 2018
63 employees


Scope of implementation of K2 in the MSM Group


The firm is completely managed by the K2 information system. Amongst other things the system is used for recording and sending vouchers for medical materials and disability aids to insurance companies for pay out. The K2 information system can work with regulation of product prices and payment via health insurance companies, it imports data from the State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC). The MSM Group uses workflow for managing certain processes and publication of data using dashboards.

Points of interest about implementation of the information system K2


  • Records of medical vouchers (with detail down to specific clients) and their sending to health insurance companies.
  • Electronic communication with healthcare facilities.
  • Regulated prices, payments to health insurance companies.
  • Import of data from SIDC.
  • Consignment warehouses.
  • Readers in warehouses for receipt, dispatch and warehouse inventory.
  • Automatic assignment of order to seller according to type of customer, area or type of goods.

After the implementation of IS K2 the MSM companies gained an advantage - they have available detailed records of the utilisation of individual vouchers down to the clients of healthcare facilities in a single information system. As a result they can react more flexibly to changing requirements for communication with health insurance companies. The fact that the executive officer Mr Pušec currently configures and maintains overview for salesmen virtually on his own (also on mobile devices) shows how broad the user configuration possibilities of IS K2 are.

Tomáš Solár, K2 Project Manager

We have been working with K2 since January 2016, when we definitively abandoned the information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV (previously MS Navision), which had been operated in our company for ten years. We got greater user clarity, configurability and system adjustments tailored to individual users and their groups. We view the clear structure of the system, simple operation and certain configurability for software non-professionals, including the fact that we are capable of carrying out a user setting or configuration of many functionalities ourselves (no intervention from a developer is required) as the advantage. Thanks to the generally open platform, it is also possible to implement the specific requirements of the user in the system. We are also satisfied with the approach of the coordinators, developers and customer centre, who really help us out “over the phone”.

Vladimír Pušec, Company Director

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