Internal notification system of K2 group

In accordance with Act 171/2023 Coll. (hereinafter referred to as the Act) within the K2 group of companies, an internal reporting system was set up for reporting illegal actions within the meaning of the Act.

A whistleblower within the meaning of the Act is a natural person who, in connection with work or another similar activity, has learned of an illegal act that violates a legal regulation falling within one of the areas defined by the law. The specific violations of the law that must be covered are listed in the Act.

Given the circumstances and information available to him/her at the time of the report, the whistleblower should have sufficient reasons to believe that the facts reported or published by him/her are true. It is therefore not possible to report knowingly false facts. Such behavior may be sanctioned.

When obtaining documents documenting the reported facts, the whistleblower should not engage in conduct that could have the nature of a criminal offense.

Whistleblower further acknowledges that K2 will collect, store and process the Whistleblower's personal data specified in his/her Notification. The legal reason for the processing of personal data is the fulfillment of a statutory obligation.

Within the K2 group of companies, we expressly exclude receiving reports that:

  • does not contain data from which the identity of the whistleblower can be deduced in accordance with the provisions of § 4 paragraph 3 of the Act
  • committed by a person other than one who performs work or other similar activity for one of the companies of the K2 group according to § 2 paragraph 3 letter a), b), h) or i) of the Act

Report meeting the criteria of the Act can be filed:

  • In paper form to the address: K2Capital SE, Koksární 1097/7, Přívoz, 702 00 Ostrava, The envelope must be marked: "DO NOT OPEN - VOS".
  • Vebally by calling the phone number 581 587 617, which is directed to the Security Director.
  • By e-mail to the address