• K2 will become the center of your IT solution.
  • Updating data from other systems is automatically prescribed in K2.
  • Extend the functionality of K2 with your own applications.
  • A special API to support your e-commerce solution.

Keep an overview of the entire company in one place

If you use a variety of different systems and software to manage your company, it can easily happen that you lose track of the specific status of an order, the number of pieces produced, or the need for maintenance on a specific machine. The solution is the K2 API, with the help of which other programs report all the data of the K2 ERP system. It automatically stores them in a central database and helps you keep track of the real state of your company.

Do not overwrite data from system to system

For example, do you need to upload technical documentation and product specifications to the production line? Do not rely on manual entry of key production parameters. With the K2 API, you simply eliminate the errors of the human factor - all key communication between the ERP system and the production machine takes place automatically.

Customize the system to your liking

Although the K2 ERP system offers wide standard functionality, it may happen that the specificity of your company requires a completely non-standard solution tailored to you. With the help of K2 API, you can easily use a standardized interface based on REST API and create your own application that will respect your unique solution and thus support your competitive advantage in the market.

Open your solution to partners as well

You don't have to use the K2 API just to centralize data within your company. With the help of the application interface, you can also give your business partners an effective communication tool. For example, you will get more accurate data on the status of your order, the possibility to automatically order the necessary material from a partner, or an overview of the stock of your business partners. The K2 API gives you much more up-to-date data to manage your business, all online and in the background.

Speed up the processing of customer orders

As part of the web services server, we have prepared a special API for you to support e-commerce solutions. This application interface will allow you to connect your current e-shops with K2 ERP. Thanks to this, it is possible to automate a whole range of actions - from placing an order, blocking article in the warehouse, placing the order in the work queue of a specific warehouse worker, to sending the article and subsequent invoices in electronic form.

Choose the sales channel that suits you

Although we recommend our customers to use our own K2 e-shop, which is an integral part of the K2 Information System, we also have a solution for those who are not yet ready to abandon their existing e-commerce solution. Have you invested considerable resources in the development of your current e-shop, and replacing the ERP system and the e-shop at once is too big a change for you? Does not matter. With the help of the K2 API, we can easily connect K2 ERP to other e-shops. Thanks to automatic synchronization and with this solution, we can significantly speed up the passage of the order through your warehouse.

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