K2 information system grows together with your company

Steel fabrication managed by K2 information system


316 million crowns annual turnover
90 tons of steel products per year
17 years on the market
25 active K2 licences
2 years use K2

Why is K2 the best choice?

pozadiShape Steel chose K2 because of the broad spectrum of possibilities for adapting the system to company processes. In K2 the company management gained a system that it can rely on to suit it in the future, regardless of the direction that company developments take.

Rapid growth no problem

hutIn 2017, when we implemented K2 in the firm, we had 2 cutters and one bender in Shape Steel. Somewhat less than two years later the firm owned four times as many machines and had included a whole range of new services and products in its portfolio. K2 managed to cover this growth with no problem.

Customised production

Customised production is an absolutely fundamental part of company sales. This is always a great challenge for information systems. A configurator was created for Shape Steel for planning production, which depending on the type of material and quality now merges the unfinished job cards with production order.

Points of interest about implementation of the information system K2

  • Maximum utilisation of K2 standard functions.
  • Unique solution for ensuring production performed to order for firm.
  • Configurator for planning customised production.
  • Records of usable production remnants.
  • Separation of production process into two separate parts - flame cutting and other operations.

In Shape Steel we have attempted to mainly use standard K2 functions. The planning of customised production using a special configurator is unique. This configurator operates over the job cards and merges cut shapes with the same input material. This solution allows better and more effective planning of production. The configurator also deals with the records of remnants and splitting of price amongst several orders. There is thus a far better use of available material and financial savings.

Radek Kočka, K2 project manager

After a decision to expand production significantly, we sought out software which could handle the management of customised production in our company. We chose K2 because it allows us to gradually make our own additions, which leads to constant improvement.

Martin Kovalčuk, financial officer Shape Steel a. s.

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