The K2 Information System helps distribute premium mobile accessories around the world

B2B portals are integrated into information system.

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38 users working daily in K2
€ 7 million annual turnover
750 partner stores
15,000 item

Scope of implementing K2 at Epico International

epico 1The K2 Information System is used by Epico primarily to process customer orders, organize production and ensure operations and dispatch in the warehouse. One of Epica's sales channels are B2B portals, which are operated directly in the K2 system. No further e-shop solution is needed, nor its synchronization with the information system. B2B portals work with the same data as the entire ERP system.

Highlights from implementing the K2 Information System

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  • Sales, warehouse, production and purchase management.
  • Automatic outlay of sales requests, generating production requests, generating orders in the purchase.
  • Mobile terminals for warehouse and production management.
  • EDI for importing orders in the sale, for exporting invoices and delivery notes.
  • Balíkobot for communicating with carriers.

“Goods ordered from sales are created in the e-shop, EDI, manually. The item is immediately and automatically reserved in the warehouse or a requisition for its production is issued. Items that are out of stock are automatically ordered. If the order is completely covered, the K2 IS issues the shipping order. Warehouse workers use mobile terminals to work on completing the production and order. Packages are then prepared for shipping by the carrier.”

Radek Kočka, K2 Project Manager

"The K2 Information System has significantly increased our warehouse operations and speed of shipping. The whole company now works with consistent data from a single source. Everyone has a continuous overview of the order being processed, which greatly facilitates communication and cooperation. The process management of the company in the ERP system makes more efficient use of our capacities and reduces costs considerably.”

Lucie Donovalová, COO Epico International, s.r.o.

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