The K2 Information System in a private cloud – the ideal solution

You don't need any other information system when using IS K2.


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Since 2019 with K2 ERP
21 users
work daily with K2
162 users of B2B portal
€ 12 million annual turnover
More than 500 points of sale

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The scope of K2 implementation in Glamor Distribution

Glamour produktAt Glamor Distribution, K2 ERP takes care of the most important thing for every business – the complete management and data management of business and marketing activities. They chose the K2 e-shop, which is part of the information system, as the platform for their B2B portal. Thanks to this, the portal works with the same data as all other parts of the information system. The advantage for users is also the management of the portal directly in the information system – this eliminates the need to work with two separate systems with different administration.

Interesting facts from the implementation of K2 ERP

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  • Management of business events – not on the basis of discounts, but by favoring articles.
  • Complex work with promotions – introductory sets, gifts, purchase vouchers, premiums when purchasing articles of a certain value and others.
  • User definition of the entire range of actions with a timetable and evaluation directly in the K2 system.
  • Complete operation of the B2B portal as an essential sales channel.
  • Advanced pricing and trade evaluation and market work.
  • Two-way communication with the warehouse system.

„The attitude and vision of the company's management largely determines the relationship of users to the company's information system. The set corporate culture has established such a state of information and data that everyone can rely on. And this is a fundamental benefit not only for the company's management, which makes decisions based on the information obtained, but also for users who provide business services to their customers.“

Pavel Motan, CEO of K2

„K2 has become a guarantee of data stability and consistency with the ability to clearly define parameters for managing and evaluating business and marketing ERP activities, with the help of definable data reports and reports that can also be displayed on the mobile devices of individual users. We can also confirm that our decision to go the route of a cloud platform with automatic database updates, backups and overall data protection is seen in retrospect as a very good one. I believe that Glamor's further cooperation with K2 will be mutually beneficial and rewarding as it has been so far.“

Ing. Antonín Keller, member of the board of Glamor Distribution

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