With the K2 Information System, you can easily evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing

IS K2 helps to plan investments in Big Shock.

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5 world brands in its portfolio
20 users working every day in K2
25 years on the Czech market
€ 19 million in annual turnover

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Scope of K2 implementation in Big Shock

Big ShockBig Shock uses modules for accounting, logistics, purchasing and sales, and especially a large-programmed section for forecasting and controlling. A very sophisticated system for workflow and creating estimated items automatically keeps all costs are under control and within budgets.

Interesting points from the implementation of the K2 Information System

  • Ahmad TeaArranging and evaluating the effectiveness of special sales.
  • Very comprehensive planning and forecasting system.
  • Support for Austrian legislation related to the production of products in Austria.
  • Warehouse management connected to the K2 Information System.
  • Bulk takeaway of production.

“K2 IS enables graduation planning. At the beginning, a proposal is always made and specified with the approaching date of the event (approximately 2 months before). The proposal specifies the group of goods, their quantity and estimated price. The plan is broken down into more details. Events will be scheduled in weeks, when one reservation sheet will be created for each week. These reservation sheets show the requirements needed by the logistics department for ordering the goods. The events are then evaluated: How much would we sell (quantity and turnover) if the event did not take place. What formed the basis of the requirements; what was the plan and what was the reality. Separate plan – regular sales per customer and item per week.”

Radek Antoš, K2 Project Manager

“K2 is an effective controlling tool that allows us to very easily plan investments and production, evaluate investments down to the smallest detail, and this makes it easy for company owners to quickly decide on future plans and investments, especially now in times of the corona crisis.”

Ing. Kateřina Nachtigallová, CFO of Big Shock, s.r.o.

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