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The K2 Information System helped Dexis Slovakia to double its turnover.


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Since 2005 with K2 ERP
200,000 products in stock
3,000 satisfied clients
€ 19 million annual turnover

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The extent of K2 implementation at Dexis Slovakia

Dexis Slovakia warehouseThe goal of the management of DEXIS was to manage its company - if possible - with one information system. This vision was practically fulfilled with the help of K2 ERP, so that today K2 manages logistics, warehouse management, business activities and accounting. The deployment of the K2 system supports the growth of the company, which has doubled its turnover during the period of cooperation.

Interesting facts from the implementation of K2 ERP

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  • WMS (managed warehouse) completely managed by K2 ERP with the help of barcode readers.
  • Complete management of business opportunities in K2 from their acceptance to the subsequent evaluation and closing of the business case.
  • B2B portals and e- shop for end customers built directly on K2 ERP without the need for additional third-party solutions.
  • Use of K2 workflow for process management of the company - clearly defined processes provide clear information about costs and planned investments.
  • Workflow approved by e-mail.
  • Professional contact center directly in K2 ERP.

„An incredible move on goal, with the intention of using the K2 ERP functionalities as much as possible. I would probably not find many companies that, even when they are doing well, are still looking for ways to improve and make their work more efficient. DEXIS is one of them. Thanks to this commitment, the use of K2 across all its modules is exceptional in this company.“

Pavol Kormaňák, CEO of K2 Slovensko, s. r. o.

„We needed an ERP in which we would have programmers available when we needed them. While in 2005 we operated primarily as a joint company, with K2 we have moved into the 21st century. And I think that thanks to our partner, we have one of the most modern logistics systems in the industry. At the beginning, we didn't even dream that we would be a company with a turnover of 18 million euros and that we would need to use the entire spectrum of services that K2 offers us.“

Miloš Vašek, General Manager Dexis Slovakia, s. r. o.

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