Managing dozens of warehouses in one location

The K2 Information System keeps things running smoothly in more than 70 warehouses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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15 years with the K2 IS
30 users working daily in K2
€ 14.5 million in annual turnover
3,800 orders per year

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Scope of implementing K2 in DRIBO

Dribo picture 2In Dribo, the K2 Information System takes care of practically all company management processes. From accounting, finance, marketing, purchasing and logistics to assets, warehouses and, of course, production itself. An important part of the work of the ERP system in this company is the coordination of several dozen warehouses so that the logistics of the company work as best as possible.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System

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  • System of cooperation, where some parts of the production trees are produced in cooperation, and some parts of the production tree are produced locally.
  • Monitoring material production coverage over time – MRP I planning.
  • More than 30 consignment and 20 cooperation warehouses, in total more than 70 warehouses.
  • EDI communication in purchasing.
  • Mass production.
  • Planning and evaluating orders.

“The basic goal of the implementation was to try to simplify the generation of production data as much as possible and the subsequent processing of the finished production. At the same time, we have preserved the necessary production data for the evaluation of orders. An integral part of the project was the introduction of a cooperation management system, which is a very important part of the entire production process. Material planning over time has made the work of purchasing more efficient. Key production processes have been supported by standard back-office modules in the economics area.”

Martin Běhůnek, Head of the K2 Implementation Team

“K2 is a comprehensive system; we have all data clearly stored. There’s no need to look anywhere else.”

Ing. Tamara Jiranová Ottichová, CEO of DRIBO spol. s r. o.

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