Manufacturing in an explosive environment? No problem with the K2 Information System

Information system K2 eliminates human factor errors.



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15 years with the K2 IS
92 users working daily in K2
40 million products per year
€ 28 million annual turnover

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Scope of implementing K2 in Czech Aerosol

czech aerosol 2The K2 Information System is now used in practically all operations at Czech Aerosol. Employees thus work with all parts of the information system that they have at their disposal. During the last system update, the ERP and MES system were completely implemented in one uniform solution. With regard to manufacturing in explosive atmospheres, both workers and the information system are subject to high demands when it comes to accuracy, evaluation and monitoring workflows.

Highlights from implementing the K2 Information System

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  • Almost paperless production management using a barcode reader.
  • Planning production line operations, checking materials and capacities.
  • Connecting machines and manufacturing technologies to the information system.
  • Precisely monitoring and controlling batches, product genealogy, record-keeping for chemicals.
  • Consistent use of barcodes at all stages of production, not only in warehouses, but also in production preparation, in the solution plant, in packaging.
  • Use of handling equipment.
  • Online production output by reading values off the machines.
  • Quality and laboratory control part of the K2 system.
  • Controlled process of design and development of new products and approval process and release into production.
  • Integration of business directives and standards into K2 system processes.


“I appreciate the comprehensive approach of Czech Aerosol: operations – process – checks – all in one system and in context. Managing the whole company in one integral system involving not only finance, but also the processes of preparation and manufacture, with consistent connection between quality control and monitoring of defined company processes. In order to eliminate and reduce errors, everything has been transferred to electronic recordkeeping, thus substantially reducing secondary recordkeeping and the circulation of paper.”

Pavel Motan, Managing Director of K2

“Implementing a new production system into the existing K2 system has simplified the entire progress of the material and its transformation into final products, has simplified and eliminated the rate of error caused by natural human factors. That’s what we’ve been after since deciding to deploy the system. By connecting it with logistics, production planning and quality control and connecting to other K2 system modules, we have gained added value that we didn’t count on at the beginning.”

Marek Bohatý, Statutory Director of Czech Aerosol, a.s.

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