We help to manage hundreds of successful companies

  • We are holding of IT companies. We develop and supply Information System K2.

    We have been operating on the market of corporate IT solutions. K2 ERP is our flagship product – companies in the Czech and abroad have been using it in operation for more than 25 years. We are from Ostrava!!! This is also why we are a proud partner of the FC Baník Ostrava team and a member of the Patriots MSK association.

  • We are looking at a company as a whole. We are developing a comprehensive system, rather than a system of modules.

    We have been developing our ERP system since our beginnings in 1991 as a complex tool for managing companies, not as a system of optional modular solutions. The basis of the K2 Information System is not the financial agenda, but procedural control.

  • We have the experience of hundreds of successful companies in any industry you care to think of.

    The Information System K2 was deployed in manufacturing as well as trading companies of various sizes and in multiple industries. We help to produce cosmetics as well as saw blades, sell roofing in a retail chain and manage a football club.

  • Our teams are not divided into implementation and service.

    The operation and the service of the K2 Information System is always looked after by the same team that set it up. Therefore, the consultants always have a complete overview of the solutions used making any modification faster, more stable and cheaper.

  • We operate one of the most advanced data centres in Central Europe.

    We are the only supplier on the market of a comprehensive information system, which has its own data centre. Your data will be inaccessible to third parties.

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Why the ERP solution from K2?

„The K2 information system automatically generates invoices and documents in every country, in the local language and currency, even though everything is directed from the central warehouse in Košice.“

Ján Seszták (CEO at SOS electronic s.r.o.)

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Ján Seszták (CEO at SOS electronic s.r.o.)

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Thermoquell CZ NAM system, a.s. VOR spol. s r.o. OSMA s.r.o. Podnikovka Mauting, spol. s r.o. KonekTel, a.s. ProCeram a.s. Vyrtych a. s. Paketo group MSM, spol. s r. o. DRIBO, spol. s r.o. PRVNÍ CHODSKÁ s.r.o. LABETA, a.s. Strobl.cz s.r.o. Glamour Distribuce, a. s. Halla, a.s. SELM MORAVA, s.r.o. STAREX spol. s r.o. CYMEDICA, spol. s r. o.

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