We take care of the complete IT infrastructure of Asental holding

K2 IT experts take care of every switch in the company.


3 years with the K2 IS
60 users of the K2 Data Center
Complete IT management

Scope of K2’s cooperation with the Asental Group

Asental 1At K2, we are responsible for virtually everything related to IT in the Asental Group. The company uses the possibility of outsourcing IT management (K2 service technicians take care of all hardware) and private cloud hosting in the K2 Data Center. The K2 Information System in the company manages the accounting for all companies in the group and builds on the operating system that includes assets and contract management. This administrative work is covered by Asental Land, which also operates as a service company for other members of the Asental Group. For this reason, it also uses another key feature of the K2 Information System – the ability to manage multiple companies in a single K2 database.

Highlights from K2’s cooperation with the Asental Group

asental 2

  • Hosting in the K2 Data Center – all key systems run in a private cloud optimized for the needs of the ERP system.
  • Direct connection to the K2 Data Center using optical cables at speeds of up to 20 Gbps – guaranteed same access times as in the case of the internal network.
  • Complete IT outsourcing – K2 technicians manage all PCs, printers, routers and switches in the Asental Group.
  • Accounting of assets according to Czech legislation and international financial reporting standards (IFRS).
  • Two-way communication with third-party programs used by the Asental Group, including SAP or PIT (facility management)


“Mainly for its maximum safety and reliability, we have gradually moved all server equipment from the customer’s location to our data center. All servers and applications, including the K2 Information System, run in a data center with maximum availability both from our end and especially from the customer’s. Another integral part is taking care of the complete network infrastructure so that the connection to the data center is always 100%.”

Jiří Rybák, K2 Project Manager

“With K2 in the back, we always have someone to turn to. The rapid response of their technicians and project managers allows us to troubleshoot without any negative impact on the normal operations of the group. In addition, effective communication with project managers allows us to improve our own IT management, as well as make necessary adjustments to the K2 accounting system in the event of the various corporate changes that we as a group cannot avoid. Updates based on changes to accounting and tax legislation are a matter of course. Our K2 accounting system provides information for all companies and for every individual – at any time, in optimal form and in the required scope.”

Ing. Jarmila Horáková, Chief Financial Officer of Asental Land, s.r.o.

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