And what does the running of the Information System K2 represent?

Implementaci i následný servis má na starosti stejný tým!

  • Your own K2 team

    The operation of the Information system K2 is taken care of by the same teams that were in charge of its implementation. That means that they are familiar with the specifics of the company as well as the given solution any further development and modifications to the system are significantly faster and cheaper.

  • Responses to legislative changes

    Within the framework of the service contract you are guaranteed system changes required by legislative amendments. Whatever complications for your business will the legislature come up with, you can always rest assured that your system will be able to handle it, easing the new obligations to the maximum.

  • Continuous development of the system

    Your competition is ever-vigilant and technological development cannot be stopped. Dozens of developers therefore work at our end on new tools and the improvement of those existing. We continually release updates - throughout the year, or as part of new versions, which we introduce in the autumn of each year.

  • Training your staff

    The level of knowledge and skills in work with the ERP system in the context of company personnel changes may start to decline. Therefore we organise free webinars and seminars for our customers, to help them understand the basics of individual tools and extract the maximum from the system.

Are they happy
with K2 in other companies?

Case studies

"Thanks to IS K2 we have made improvements in the area of planning and managing production and logistics. We now have better traceability of orders as they pass through the firm and improved user friendliness for our employees."

Karel Komárek (chairman of cooperative Cyklos Choltice, v. d.)

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Karel Komárek