Automatically generated invoices take partners' price lists into account

K2 represents an information system as well as B2B portal for MaDe.

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12 years using K2 IS
13 users working daily in K2
3 million € in annual turnover
400,000 toys in stock

Scope of implementing K2 at MaDe

HrackyToday, MaDe uses the K2 Information System to run the entire company. The information system handles both purchases and sales, as well as warehouses, wages and human resources in general, or dashboards and task planners. The B2B portal for the e-shop runs directly in the K2 Information System. Preparations for launching a B2C e-shop and introducing mobile terminals in the warehouse are underway.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System


  • Service and complaints are handled using barcode readers. Automation of the entire invoicing process thanks to new price lists.
  • Automation of credit notes. Automation of the administrative receipt of deliveries from abroad.
  • B2B portal for the Czech and Slovak market.
  • Online connection to external warehouses.
  • Automatically generated reports – reminders for unpaid invoices or the current balance of customers is automatically sent in PDF format to the email of salespeople and management.
  • EDI connection to companies like Globus, Alza, etc.

“The possibilities of customer customization is one of the reasons K2 is the right choice for MaDe toys. We were able to meet their requirements without any problems, such as connecting to Servant’s external warehouses. We created various planned tasks tailored to them specifically, such as sending outstanding invoices or current balances to the sales force. OLAP and newly deployed dashboards are naturally used, thus providing a clear overview of everything in K2. The most important sales channel for customers is the B2B e-shop, which is connected to Alza and other companies via XML feeds.”

Ivan Hruda, K2 consultant


“In today’s rapidly changing market, the modern K2 e-shop is a strong asset to have, because it ensures connections to our customers, 24 hours a day, whether to a computer, mobile phone and tablet.”

Marcel Denk, Chief Marketing Officer of MaDe spol. s r. o.

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