Dispatch of Order within a Few Minutes

K2 information system helps in the distribution of joy.


20 years with IS K2
104 users work in K2 every day
CZK 400 million annual turnover
178,000 orders dealt with every year


Scope of implementation of K2 in Stoklasa textilní galerie s.r.o.

krouzkyThe company uses the K2 information system primarily for complete stock management, including its automated warehouse. It was built on a greenfield in 2018, and together with IS K2 it makes it possible to pack and dispatch an order within 8 minutes of its receipt in the e-shop.

Points of interest about implementation of the information system K2


  • Dispatch of order within 8 minutes of its receipt in the e-shop.
  • Integration of K2 information system with own e-shop of company Stoklasa.
  • Control of switch points of automatic conveyor and automatic weighing.
  • Printing of labels and exchange of data with shipper.
  • Automatic topping up of dispatch warehouse based on historical sales, seasonal demand and current orders.
  • Complete design and implementation of server infrastructure and complete wifi network with more than 35 AP.
  • Complete customised delivery and configuration of mobile terminals.

The goods for orders from the eshop are automatically blocked in the warehouse. If the order is covered completely, IS K2 issues a dispatch order immediately. So the stores personnel can work on the completion of the order with the use of mobile terminals practically immediately. At the end of the automatic conveyor there is automatic check weighing, and then packages are prepared for dispatch according to the shippers. Your order might be packaged and waiting for the carrier to pick it up while you are still drinking your coffee in front of the computer.

Radek Kočka, K2 Project Manager

In the firm we have been able to rely on the people from K2 and its information system for 20 years now. The way I see it, the supplier of our ERP must be better at everything than we are. And after all these years of experience I can say that K2 is just the right firm for us to build on.

Leo Stoklasa, Leo Stoklasa, Director of company Stoklasa textilní galanterie s.r.o.

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