Expert management of the entire holding company with the help of a single database in K2

K2 Information System offers consolidated reports or sharing the most important processes.

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26 years with K2 IS
799 employees
€ 249 million turnover annually
45,000 active items in the warehouse
6 Czech and 1 Slovak company in one database

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Scope of implementing K2 in Gienger

Gienger TBZThe K2 Information System is literally an integral part of the entire holding. The biggest advantage of the K2-built solution is how the information system manages to work with multiple companies. All holding data is stored in a common database, with workflow processes and working with user accounts common to all the companies. This makes unification possible within the holding, makes it easier to monitor their compliance, and it enables the creation of internal documents automatically in the background. And above all, consolidated reports on the status of the entire holding can be created, either in the form of prepared reports or as ad hoc analyses of live data.

Interesting facts from the implementation of the K2 Information System

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  • At Gienger, they use the K2 IS as a platform for creating their own IT solutions.
  • Data imported into K2 using OCR scans.
  • Custom solutions for barcode readers in warehouses using the basic standard, which is part of K2.
  • Connecting the information system to shipping and expedition planning software.
  • Advanced use of analytics not only in the area of sales, but also in commercial potential and in evaluating merits in the commercial process with connection to the bonus system.
  • Use of the K2 e-shop for B2B portals.

“I really appreciate Gienger being our client because they are a highly sophisticated company with open access to people supported by hard numbers. If you have the effort and desire, you are in the right place. If you are on the side of nonsense or passivity, you cannot succeed in the long run. Whoever wants to grow will get the support of a management that does not create barriers. I see that’s the case at every meeting with Mr. Hanák. Openness, inspiration, careful calculation and at the same time a philosophical excursion into life based on truth and fairness.”

Pavel Motan, Managing Director of K2

“We increased our performance and profit with the K2 system. One person can manage the work of two.”

Dipl. Ing. Vítězslav Hanák, Ph.D., CEO of GIENGER spol. s r.o.

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