Internet of Things

  • Take care of how you store your material and products.
  • Improve workplace conditions and thus increase work performance.
  • Take a different look at data and discover what you missed until now.
  • Thanks to automatic error detection, you minimize downtime in production.

Become a smart company with the help of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly penetrating manufacturing and wholesale companies. Many things around us today can collect certain data and send it further. Whether it is temperature, humidity, level of wear or shocks, with the use of active elements of the Internet of Things, all these quantities can be measured, adequately reacted to using pre-set processes and stored for further use.

Advanced work with data

In addition, it is possible to define links to other modules in K2 for individual data from sensors and machines. You can, for example, monitor the connection between workplace conditions and employee performance, check whether the machine was actually in operation at the time the employee entered during production withdrawal, or automatically create service maintenance requests for machines. At the same time, you can compare the data with all other data stored in K2, analyze it and find interesting correlations that are not obvious at first glance.

Why the Internet of Things?

  • K2 ERP enables real-time monitoring of data from devices and sensors and recording of values at the required interval or based on extraordinary events directly into K2.
  • K2 will become the center of your smart company - you will get an integration platform independent of individual suppliers.
  • Data can be presented in dashboards in K2, or on screens directly in production or warehouse.
  • Thanks to web K2, all information is also available on your mobile phone.
  • The system can automatically send notifications to selected employees.
  • Directly in the ERP system, you can have, for example, all the information on the product batch about its production and storage, including conditions that could affect the quality of the final product.

Examples of use

  • Measurement of conditions during transport – with the help of a wireless sensor with its own SIM card, you have all data about the conditions during transport available. Thanks to this, you can guarantee the quality of the product and the conditions during transport.
  • Automatic creation of reports for audits – thanks to sensors measuring temperature and humidity in your warehouse, you can easily demonstrate the conditions under which you store your raw materials during an external audit.
  • Detect waste – monitor electricity consumption at individual workplaces and find out whether some machines are consuming energy unnecessarily even outside of working hours.
  • The ability to look at data in a new way – wonder why some days you manage to produce more products in one shift than others? Try to compare the data from the production discharge, for example, with the amount of CO2 in operation or the temperature. You may discover correlations that you would not have thought of at first glance.

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