K2 e-shop

  • No data bridges - the availability and price of goods always corresponds to reality.
  • Automatic creation of orders, reserving in warehouses and in orders at suppliers.
  • Possibility of using for B2C sales and B2B portal for customers.
  • New tools and features you get for free with an update of the ERP system.

E-shop as part of ERP

A license to the K2 e-shop is part of the standard installation of the K2 information system and you get it when you acquire the entire system. The same applies to updates, maintenance and development - we manage its trouble-free operation and development of new features and tools as part of the monthly maintenance fee for operating the K2 information system.

The K2 e-shop as a B2B portal

Our solution for Internet sales can also be used as a B2B portal for your business partners. Customers can be divided into different price groups and after logging in to the K2 e-shop they will see only those goods affordable for them at the prices and discounts set by them. There is of course an orders history, easy duplication, quick orders and discount coupons. It is also possible to create solo e-shops for VIP customers.

On-line data without synchronizing

Integration into the K2 information system gives you constantly up-to-date information in your e-shops about both inventory and prices, about variants and shipping dates, all depending on the current load of the warehouses. In addition, the customer always has all the necessary documents available (invoices, packing slips, etc.) and can see any time the current status of an order, including, for example, at what stage of the production process it is currently in.

Uniform administration

You manage the K2 e-shop directly in the K2 information system. You do not have to fill out things twice, nor deal with data synchronization across platforms. Anything you change in the system is immediately reflected in your online stores. In addition, you are always in a single user interface which you are used to and which you can adapt to suit your own habits and needs. You manage goods, paperwork, invoicing, shipping and advertising banners directly from the system.

Up to the warehouse operator without your intervention

After an order is placed in the K2 e-shop, the contract is automatically created in the K2 information system, the goods are reserved in the warehouse by the system, and any order for your supplier is also created. If the item is in stock, the contract can be automatically forwarded without operator intervention to the warehouse worker, who will only package it and ship it to the customer.

Freight and parcel services

After ordering, the process of warehouse delivery and shipping is automatically started in the K2 information system. We record which carrier will ship the goods, which number they are assigned, and when the goods will be handed over for shipping. The ability to interconnect carrier systems allows customers to track the status of delivering their shipments.

Payment gateways

Online payments are implemented in the K2 e-shop via the GoPay aggregator. Customers can pay for their orders directly in the K2 e-shop with debit cards, online banking payments, classic bank transfers or mobile payments via SMS. Of course, there is also the option to pay by cash or collect on delivery.

Product comparers and SEO tools

The K2 e-shop is ready to give the maximum support for your online marketing activities. The code is structured and valid, it is possible to set all the important META tags, and you can also count on connecting with Google Analytics and goods comparers such as Google Shopping, Eureka or Goods, always exactly according to the specifications of the current version of xml files.

Quick implementation and sales abroad

If you have items entered in the K2 information system, the time it takes to put the K2 e-shop into operation with a basic graphical template is on the order of several hours. The same is true for launching e-shops in other countries - if you have translated descriptions of your goods, you can simply register the domain and start handling orders.

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