K2 's data centre

In Ostrava we have a perfectly secure data center, which meets the demanding criteria of the Tier III classification level according to Uptime Institute, LLC. It’s designed for the uninterrupted operation of corporate IT technology, including uninterrupted supervision using a sophisticated system of monitoring and environmental sensors.

K2 's data centre offers:

  • Online data backup

    Protect your data against local outages caused by natural disasters, theft or power failures. Copies of critical data will be safely stored outside of the main production site - on a storage disc located in our K2 Data Centre, where your data will always be safe. The solution is fully functional for both virtual and physical servers.

  • Performance on demand

    Do you need to time to time, suddenly increase the performance of your infrastructure? You can hire the technological resources of our K2 Data Center to ensure that your environment can manage even the most demanding output peaks. Whether you need to handle the pre-Christmas rush of customers on your e-shop, or to speed up the reinstallation or upgrade of the Information System K2, the technologies of the K2 Data Centre are here for you.

  • Housing of your servers

    You are ready to upload corporate data to a cloud, but would like to increase the resilience of your servers against outages? Try the service of housing of servers in our data centre. You will get a cooled space for your server with a guarantee of stable temperature and humidity of the environment, continuous power supply protected by UPS and diesel generators and maintained connectivity to the internet. Of course there is permanent monitoring by certified specialists and physical surveillance.

  • The corporate K2 cloud

    You operate the K2 Information System in the cloud! The main benefits include scalability of performance and number of licenses in dependance on the seasonal needs or clearly enumerable cost of implementation of your solution. But you can also run other applications in the cloud or hire and use the complete IT infrastructure set exactly according to your requirements.

  • Complete IT outsourcing

    Do you want to concentrate on your own business and let someone else worry about the running of the IT? Entrust responsibility into the hands of our experts, who will make sure that not only your Information System K2, but also the other pillars of your IT infrastructure are always updated, available and as safe as possible. Responsibility for the operation and obligations will be clearly defined by the service-level agreement and you will never have to deal with situations like who was responsible for an error and who and when will take care of it.

Today, K2 is basically bread and butter for us. Without it, we would all be lost today. It has added value to our company by giving us clearly defined processes and allowing us to find out what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, whether right or wrong.

Michal Filípek (company owner, MiF, s. r. o.)

Michal Filípek

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