The K2 team of Filip Mazur

Filip's team is based in Ostrava, but together with Jaroslav Laš's team they take care of most of K2's customers not only in this North Moravian region. Filip and his people are the biggest experts in Linux servers for Linux servers and network infrastructure (networking).

The biggest customers of Filip's team include OKD and Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace, in which he is in charge of complete network management. In addition, companies such as Homola, První chodská or Asental Business Center are also managed. In them, they take care not only of the smooth operation of servers, but also of the security of the entire network.

K2 tým Filipa Mazura

Basic makeup of the team

  • Filip Mazur Filip Mazur

    chief technician

  • Lukáš Czakan Lukáš Czakan


  • Tomáš Thiemel Tomáš Thiemel


  • Marek Fehér


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