The K2 team of Jaroslav Laš

Jaroslav's team is one of two hardware teams located in Ostrava. The whole team primarily focuses on working with Microsoft technologies (from Windows servers through MS SQL to MS Exchange servers, etc.), but is also responsible for managing end stations entrusted to customers (among them, for example, Asental or Q-ELEKTRIK.

An important part of their work is also taking care of a data center located in Ostrava, taking care of VMware virtual servers or backing up K2 customer data.

K2 tím Jaroslava Laše

Basic makeup of the team

  • Jaroslav Laš Jaroslav Laš

    chief technician

  • Tomáš Černík Tomáš Černík


  • Radim Galičák Radim Galičák


  • David Růžička David Růžička


  • Patrik Cupan Patrik Cupan


  • Josef Panoc Josef Panoc


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