The K2 team of Martin Běhůnek

Martin’s Brno team was founded in 2003 and has installed the K2 information system for manufacturing sanitation and lighting technology, as well as the manufacture of doors, windows, self-adhesive labels and packaging materials

Martin’s main love outside of work are summer motor boat rides. He gladly takes care of all technical and handyman activities in our Brno office (drill, screwdriver, hammer, and so on).

K2 tým Martina Běhůnka

  • “The key decision to merge all our companies under one mandate has really paid off for us. We now have a much better overview of the entire group from one place. A major advance is the ability to use shared code books and do reporting across all data.”

    Ivan Kuboušek (President KUBOUŠEK EU holding, a. s.)

  • „In today's rapidly changing market environment, K2 is a solid point that is able to connect with our customers. From automatic exports to online data exchange to a modern shopping portal."

    Marcel Denk (Chief Marketing Officer společnosti MaDe spol. s r.o.)

  • “We can also confirm that retroactively we see our decision to go the way of the cloud platform with automatic database updates, backups and overall data protection as a very good one.”

    Antonín Keller (board member of Glamour Distribution)

  • “A thorough examination of the information systems market led us to choose K2 IS, which sold us on its clarity, user friendliness and extensibility. We do TPV and medium-term production planning in K2, which are then transferred to MES Pharis.”

    Lukáš Bednář (ekonomický ředitel družstva Dřevotvar)

  • „We use K2 as a complex system that is run by several of our companies. With OLAP pivot reports we can accurately analyze all the necessary data to manage multiple businesses in one place."

    Ondřej Sušeň (operation manager at S.V.I.S. Trade a.s.)

  • „The K2 system enabled me to see the online economic result - it deals with the operational management and accounting of all my business activities in various fields."

    Zdeněk Král (owner at STAREX spol. s r.o.)

  • „K2 helps us to accomplish our daily tasks and we consider it as an integral part of our work day."

    Iveta Abrahamová (chief accountant at Alca plast, s. r. o.)

Basic makeup of the team

  • Martin Běhůnek Martin Běhůnek

    project manager

  • Klára Nováčková Klára Nováčková


  • Juraj Hruda Juraj Hruda


  • Ivan Hruda Ivan Hruda


  • Christian Vecheta


  • Ondřej Konečný


  • No picture Adam Kopuletý


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