The K2 team of Martin Bezděk

Martin’s team was formed in 2001 in Ostrava and since then has undergone great changes due to moving to Prague. In past years he has successfully completed projects in companies engaged, for example, in producing and supplying energy, retail and wholesale, services or the production in engineering, grocery and medicine.

Tým Martina Bezděka

  • „I cannot imagine another day at work without K2. The way it interlinks primary purchase, production, logistics and business documents with accounting and the managerial extension make it an indispensable partner for our entire company.“

    Markéta Seifriedová (controller at LEROS, s.r.o.)

  • „In fact, K2 is more than just a system of programmed functions and data storage for us. It keeps us organized and methodical and provides us with a comprehensive overview of corporate events.“

    Jan Mrázek (ERP administrator, analyst at TEREA Cheb s.r.o.)

  • „We really are pleasantly surprised by how elastic the K2 Information System is. Whatever we needed to put into the system, we have it there.“

    Radek Šerlovský (CFO at PRVNÍ CHODSKÁ s.r.o.)

  • „K2 is able to turn dreams and ideas into a meaningful system that is genial, friendly, smart and reliable. K2 also meets our demanding requirements for planning and managing our production.“

    Libor Galatík (managing director at Murtfeldt Plasty s.r.o.)

  • „K2 offers a comprehensive presentation of all the important trends in a firm's production management, and so allows us to create effective systems solution, and not infrequently it also offers us inspiration.“

    Antonín Smrček (director and chairman of the board at LABETA, a.s.)

Basic makeup of the team

  • Martin Bezděk Martin Bezděk

    project manager

  • Aleš Vojáček Aleš Vojáček


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