The K2 team of Petr Figura

Petr’s current team was assembled in 2014, but he himself has worked as an independent consultant on K2 since 2003. He has experience installing K2, for example, in companies engaged in manufacturing windows or promotional items, the sale of agricultural machinery or services in the field of dyeing textiles.

Petr actively uses his spare time in the pursuit of mountain trekking, climbing or yachting on the seas. And he likes to ride his bike. Customers appreciate the most his reliability, well elaborated solutions and keeping his eyes on the prize.

  • „Today we have all our data stored and interlinked in the system. It takes only an instant to evaluate and use it.“

    Jiří Vitásek (Favea a.s.)

  • "The K2 system allows us to very rapidly and effectively process our customers’ requirements and edit their histories comprehensively."

    Šárka Neshybová (company secretary ARID obchodní společnost, s. r. o.)

  • “K2 has the best people. Whenever we came up with ideas, they helped us organize them and then proposed a solution, which we have been using virtually unchanged for several years. We handle everything in K2. I think it’s really good software.”

    Vlastimil Viktorin (member of the Board of Directors, PRAMOS, a.s.)

  • „The complexity of K2 allows us to eliminate record-keeping in Excel tables. We finally have order in our technological processes.“

    Renáta Valentová (technologist/master of production at INTERCOLOR a.s.)

  • The overview of business opportunities and related activities and subsequent evaluation mean more added value from K2, which helps us to grow at FAVEA.“

    Martina Pavlová (CEO at FAVEA a. s.)

  • „The intuitive control of the program won’t let me say I work with the system. Basically it’s all play today with K2 :-)

    Jaroslava Jelínková (senior controller at SVUS Pharma a.s.)

  • “Thanks to K2, we can effectively manage all our data in one place, which greatly simplifies managing our entire company. Our cooperation with K2 allows us to fully focus on growing our business without having to worry about our data.”

    Marek Čupr (Executive account manager Special Turbo, a. s.)

Basic makeup of the team

  • Petr Figura Petr Figura

    project manager

  • Žaneta Jurkovičová Žaneta Jurkovičová


  • Jakub Skoták Jakub Skoták


  • Petr Michalík Petr Michalík


  • Vojtěch Smetana Vojtěch Smetana


  • Michal Szymik Michal Szymik


  • Martin Domin Martin Domin


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