The K2 team of Radek Kočka

Radek’s team was founded in 2003 and has installed and services the K2 system for two of our largest customers. He has experience with installing K2 in wholesalers engaged, for example, in selling protective clothing, manufacturing lighting and production tricks for Hollywood movies.

In his spare time Radek loves taking pictures, walking around the hills and riding his bicycle. Clients say he is a wizard with economics – but we know that other designers secretly envy him for his productions, B2B e-shops and barcode readers.

K2 tým Radka Kočky

  • "K2 in our company is a complex system in which we user-friendly record, easily analyze and effectively manage company processes in two manufacturing establishments."

    Lukáš Hořčica (chief operating officer at VEPAK, s.r.o.)

  • "We can despatch 4 times more packages thanks to K2 warehouse management system. Having a single database allows us to have fewer goods in stock, because K2 ensures that the supplier delivers the goods to us for shipment to the customer."

    Martin Frič (CEO of the company Autodíly PEMA s.r.o.)

  • „Online time requires us to provide our customers with the most comfortable shopping. That's why we use K2 e-shop and order portals for corporate and end customers."

    Jakub Smolík (marketing specialist at CANIS SAFETY a.s.)

  • K2 is flexible in the area of end programming. It allows us to create new data modules and our own client solutions.“

    David Kolarczyk (information system programmer at Stoklasa textilní galanterie s.r.o.)

  • „I would imagine that an ERP vendor would be better than us in everything. After a personal visit to K2 in Ostrava, I told myself that K2 is exactly the kind of firm we can build on.”

    Leo Stoklasa (general manager at Stoklasa textilní galanterie s.r.o.)

Basic makeup of the team

  • Radek Kočka Radek Kočka

    project manager

  • Lenka Janáčová Lenka Janáčová


  • Zbyněk Žucha Zbyněk Žucha


  • Lukáš Böhm Lukáš Böhm


  • Petr Vitásek Petr Vitásek


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