Price offer? Individual and fair

  • Expect also a cost for implementation and flat rate for operations.
  • We do not charge per module, but per user.
  • We finalize the scope of the work and price after the project.
  • We have experience, we try to minimize additional work.

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How much does the introduction of Information System K2 cost?

  • Project implementation

    The aim of the project implementation is to carry out detailed analysis of company processes and the use of current economic and information systems. The outcome is an analysis of company processes and a proposal of their optimisation and management through the Information System K2. The project implementation defines the precise scope of work and amendments and is the fundamental document for final price quote.

  • K2 Setup and special amendments

    The first step in the implementation of the System to a company as its standard installation. This is then set and adjusted to suit the precise specifications and requirements of the company. At the same time, special tools and functions are included, created exclusively for your company and which were not endemic in the standard system installation.

  • Data conversion

    When you transfer to ERP System K2 it is necessary to provide for the cost of creating import channels for the transfer of critical corporate data from the original accounting and information systems of your company. Your collection of information will therefore be secure and easily accessible for work in the future.

  • Licence

    We do not sell individual module licenses to the K2 System , but the users work within the system all at the same time. The system administrator can assign dedicated licences to selected users, guaranteeing access regardless of the number of the currently logged-on users with a competing licence. Under the head licence, the customer can register any number of interlinked companies.

  • Training and assistance during the system deployment

    Before you deploy the K2 Information System it is necessary to train all staff members who will work with the system. Only then smooth running of business processes and their correct evaluation can be provided. Yet it is common that the start of real operations users need the assistance of our consultants; that is why this service has already been included in the tender offer.

How much does the operation of K2 Information System cost?

  • Maintenance fee

    Basic maintenance fee is determined on the basis of the list price for the K2 Information System licence. Within the framework we guarantee the customers timely response to legislative changes, and also continuous development and modernisation of the entire system on the basis of new technologies and initiatives on the part of customers. It may be extended by other services, such as emergency service or guarantee of regular visits by consultants.

  • System upgrade

    Because the technology, the business environment as well as the needs of the companies themselves are constantly changing, ERP systems quickly become obsolete. The Information System K2 is therefore under constant development and every year we introduce its new version, which includes new or upgraded tools. Upgrade to the new version requires installation and sometimes also amendment of the custom-created tools.

We play fair.

Our experience from previous implementations allows us to avoid additional work and we include any in all our price offers from the very beginning.

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“The key decision to merge all our companies under one mandate has really paid off for us. We now have a much better overview of the entire group from one place. A major advance is the ability to use shared code books and do reporting across all data.”

Ivan Kuboušek (President KUBOUŠEK EU holding, a. s.)

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