• Speed up the purchasing process using an automatic draft of the optimal order.
  • Work with the database of supplier price lists, including documenting delivery terms and deadlines.
  • Let the system use historical data to predict the future movements of goods or material.
  • Make your work easy using electronic communication with ISDOC or EDI standards.

Processing orders according to items

The cornerstone of the Purchasing module is issuing an order in relation to all other documents. The client therefore gets a complete overview of the status of processing the order according to items. The result is the methodological and programmatic assurance that the actual amount kept in stock and the price correspond to the order and invoice received. The added value is the ability to edit the item in the document subsequently to match the real situation.

Simplification using multi-documents

In common practice goods from multiple orders are often received concurrently or vice versa. In such cases, users will appreciate the effective solution of multi-documents, where you need to create just one document for all delivered goods and the K2 information system automatically assigns them to their respective orders. The system proceeds in the same manner for invoices received.

Checking handling times

The clear view of the purchased items allows the user to see a particular list of ordered goods and their status. Delivery confirmations make it possible for the K2 information system to precisely track and identify which items will be delivered on time for particular orders.

Automatic drafting an order

The drafting of the order can take into account, for example, the usual movements in the warehouse, volume discounts, speed of delivery or size of the package. The system also chooses by itself the optimal supplier according to the specified criteria (date, price amount, payment terms, etc.) from the registered suppliers of the item. The system then automatically drafts an order for the user that corresponds to the actual requirements.

Projected movements

The Coverage function allows us to track expected future movements of goods and material in purchasing and sales, including the status of the warehouse. The checking and planning of dates, the availability of goods and length of time handling orders are therefore intuitive and easy to understand.

Checking and eliminating discrepancies

The system automatically notifies the user of the need to do this, without which moving the items in stock cannot be done, including the possibility of additionally defining customized conditions (inspection report, approval documentation, etc.). By linking primary items throughout the system, the difference between requested items, the date of their delivery in the appropriate quantity, price and actual situation can be evaluated. The output can be a file of letters to all suppliers with the request to remove the discrepancies between order and delivery.

Support for electronic communications

The openness of the K2 information system allows you the ability to link up with other software, including the economic or information systems of your business partners. Electronic invoicing is supported using the ISDOC format, QR payments and the electronic exchange of EDI documents.

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