Wage calculations based on the actually done work

Information system K2 helps with fair rewarding in Dřevotvar.

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17 years with K2 IS
28 users working daily in K2
180 million CZK in annual turnover
1.5 million wooden ladles made every year

Scope of implementing K2 in the Dřevotvar

VesakThe K2 Information System was implemented across the board and now manages all the paperwork needed to run the company. In production, the K2 system is connected to the MES Pharis system. All source data to Pharis is provided by K2 IS, which is then fed back information about work levies and materials.

Interesting facts about the implementation of the K2 Information System


  • Connected to the MES Pharis system.
  • Tool implemented to enable manual corrections of materials from levies.
  • Preliminary production planning in K2.
  • Planning the need for materials for production – MRP.
  • The wages of employees are calculated according to the work levies obtained from the MES system.

“The most important functionality for Dřevotvar is the online connection between the K2 Information System and MES Pharis. All source data, i.e. machines, materials, operations and workers are managed in K2, and with each change this information is transferred to Pharis. Subsequently, information on individual work levies is transferred back to K2, the employee and the time spent on the given task are recorded, and materials are entered according to the plan in that case. K2 then uses this data to calculate the payroll for these employees.”

Juraj Hruda, K2 consultant

“In 2002 we needed a more detailed overview of our company’s key processes and also the technological assurance of the stability of our corporate IT environment. The transition from existing DOS systems to the Windows platform was urgent. A thorough examination of the information systems market led us to choose K2 IS, which sold us on its clarity, user friendliness and extensibility.
We do TPV and medium-term production planning in K2, which are then transferred to MES Pharis. It is used for workshop production management and for collecting necessary data. The data collected from production is sent online to K2 for further processing.”

Ing. Lukáš Bednář, Chief Financial Officer

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