Web K2

  • Always have your data close at hand.
  • Work in the field in the same environment as in the office.
  • Let K2 adapt to the size of your display.
  • Set clear security rules for users.

The use of an ERP system in the field is an increasingly frequent request not only from among our customers. That is why we are developing a web version of K2 ERP for you, which will allow you to work in the information system even outside the office. Any device with Internet access and a standard web browser is sufficient to connect.

Web K2 is currently used mainly on mobile devices with a touch screen, on which it can also use a number of special functions, such as signing documents in the field or taking documentary photos at the customer's premises. Thanks to the responsive modification of the form and the entire user interface, you can work fully in your K2 ERP even on a limited mobile phone display.

Access to data not only from the office

With the help of web K2, you can log into the ERP system from virtually anywhere and from anything. All you need is internet access and a device with a web browser. Web K2 will be especially appreciated by workers in the field who, after returning from the office, do not have to spend time transcribing data into the information system. At the same time, web-based K2 allows data to be edited online – has the trader sold the last piece of article? Thanks to K2 in his/her mobile phone, not only the warehouse but also other colleagues in the field know about it immediately.

Comfortable reading regardless of the display

Web K2 is fully responsive. The appearance of the K2 adapts to the display size as much as possible. And this while maintaining the functionality and sufficient size of all control elements so that you can work comfortably in the environment under all circumstances. In addition, for frequently used forms, you have the option to define their appearance so that it exactly matches the needs of the given device. Thanks to this, the full version of the K2 ERP system can be viewed on a laptop just as well as on a tablet, mobile phone or barcode scanner.

Sign documents directly in the field

Do you need to sign a delivery protocol or an invoice? Simply click the document signature button and let the customer sign the document on the touch screen. The original signature is then inserted into the report, which is ready for printing. For example, using a portable bluetooth printer.

Edit documents directly in the field

Web K2 enables not only reading data, but also writing and changing it. Has the customer changed his/her mind about taking over part of the order? Simply edit the transfer protocol before signing and printing it. Changes are immediately made online in the central database of the K2 Information System. Thanks to web K2, you do not have to correct, cross out printed documents and then rewrite the changes after returning to the office.

Are you out of signal? You won't lose data

Working in the field carries with it the risk of reaching an area without an internet connection. Thanks to the Reconnect function in K2, you won't lose the divided work. As soon as you get back to areas covered by mobile internet, you can pick up where you left off.

Security of company data in the first place

The most sensitive company data is stored in the K2 ERP system. To be sure that your data is safe, you can disable connection to K2 via the Internet at the level of user accounts. You have the option to allow access from the field only to those users who really need it. At the same time, you can define stronger password or two-factor authentication requirements for everyone who has access to K2 web. Thanks to this, your data will always remain safe.

Examples of Web K2 usage

  • Sale of article from the car – enable your drivers or sales representatives to sell article directly in the field without the need to subsequently update data in the information system.
  • Signing documents in the field – let the customer sign a handover report or invoice on a mobile device. You can then automatically send the document in electronic form to the customer by e-mail or print it using a bluetooth printer.
  • A complete CRM in your pocket – meeting minutes, agreed dates or the scope of the order can be immediately entered into the system by the trader directly at the customer. By the time he gets back to the office, the job may already be in progress.
  • Service record – do you provide service to your customers? Equip your technicians with Web K2 on your mobile phone and enable them not only to immediately issue documents in the field, order the necessary spare parts, but also to document service repairs using photos.

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