Why would you love to work in K2?

Would you like to be part of a great team, perform meaningful tasks, have a kind boss and enjoy maximum freedom? We are happy to share this with you!

  • You will play the 1st League

    We are developing the Airbus 380 among other software!

  • You will settle down

    Our people are with us for ten or more years and have high job satisfaction.

  • You will grow

    We have lots of experience that we are not afraid to pass onto you!

  • You will be content

    We pride ourselves on a personal and friendly approach.

We are looking for programmers, consultants, technicians as well as representatives for Ostrava, Brno, Prague, Olomouc, Pardubice or Dubnice nad Váhom.

  • We're don´t insist on fixed working hours or a fixed holiday dates.
  • We can pull together and have fun together at work and outside it.
  • We are pretty nice people. Make sure on our Facebook page.
  • And btw we are agile in our development. A fact. It is not possible otherwise in ERP.

Lidé v K2

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